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Party Building
Shaanxi investment group Co., Ltd. launched the theme cultur

Party Building 2019-10-12 17:32
    On October 12, Shaanxi investment Xinxing held a cultural lecture on the theme of "love and dedication to work". Yan Xiaohui, deputy general manager, Gao Wang, chief financial officer, representatives of employees of SDIC Xinxing and its subsidiaries, and Tianyi antenna attended the study.

    Professor Tian Fengwei was invited to give a lecture in this special lecture. During the lecture, Professor Tian Fengwei combined Chinese traditional culture with devotion to work. From the aspects of setting up a correct concept of dedication, maintaining a high sense of responsibility, working efficiently and forming good habits, he focused on the mutual complementation of Confucianism and Taoism, through the multi-cultural connection of Legalists, Mohists and interpreters, and combined with his own career development experience, he told the story All kinds of connections between unified culture and professional dedication, as well as the extensive teaching content, make everyone have a deeper understanding of the concept of professional dedication.
    The holding of this special lecture hall has made the cadres and staff of Shaanxi investment group gain a moral understanding, enhanced their sense of responsibility for their work, urged them to be down-to-earth and courageous in their work in the future, and made new contributions to better promote various work to a new level.