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The delegation led by Yin Yuanping, vice president of China

Company News 2020-12-16 08:36
On December 8, in the afternoon, the China enterprise confederation and China entrepreneurs association's deputy head Yin Yuan even in investment group, vice secretary of party committee and shaanxi Jiang Bo accompanied by emerging research guidance to shan shots, group, deputy party secretary liu li, the secretary of party committee propaganda department (corporate culture) xiao-ying li shan and accompanied by main leaders of emerging research.
    During the research period, Yin Yuanping visited Shaanxi investment emerging headquarters and its affiliated tianyi antenna company, Li core photoelectric company, listened to Shaanxi investment emerging general party branch secretary, executive director Xu Tianyou on the company's basic situation and the introduction of corporate culture landing.
    Yin Yuanping in a comprehensive understanding of shan group "national enterprise culture construction best practices" "and pointed out that, after shan for emerging as a visiting unit, to further strengthen the implementation of cultural ideas, and coordinate and culture, adhere to lead and promote the development of enterprises, corporate culture from the strategic level attaches great importance to and promote enterprise culture construction.