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Company News 2021-02-25 15:39
Shaanxi Investment and Emerging Industries Development Co., Ltd
Hold a working meeting in 2021
     On January 15, Shaanxi Investment and Emerging Industries Development Co., Ltd. held a 2021 working meeting in Xi'an. The company's leadership team and Xi'an Li core photoelectrelectrelectring technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Tianyi Antenna Co., Ltd. leadership and staff representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Li Bo, a member of the Party General Branch and deputy general manager of the company.
      First of all, the meeting by the company's party general branch member, deputy general manager Ni Xiaohui to convey the Shaanxi Investment Group a four-time professional congress and 2021 work meeting, safety production work will be the spirit.
      Liu Ling, deputy secretary and general manager of the party branch of the company, made a work report on behalf of the company entitled "Focusing on the main industry for development" and "Focusing on the development of the main industry to work hard to create a new chapter in the development of the emerging 14th Five-Year Plan of Shaanxi Investment", the report states that in 2020 the company made concerted efforts to actively expand investment channels, vigorously promote the project landing, in improving the system construction, improve management efficiency and other aspects have achieved better results. The report review summarizes the work of the company in project promotion, planning and preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan, management of the "Iron Triangle" construction, party organization construction and so on in 2020.
      The report deploys the company's key work in 2021, one is to promote the smooth landing of key projects, the other is to optimize post-investment management to ensure the realization of the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets, the third is to do more to improve management efficiency, and the fourth is to strengthen the party building leadership.
      The General Assembly recognized the collectives and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in their work in 2020. Xu Tianying, executive director of the meeting, signed the general manager's annual business performance target responsibility letter with General Manager Liu Ling, and Xu Tianxuan, general secretary of the Party, signed the annual responsibility letter for party building and building a clean and honest government with the party branch secretary, respectively, and Liu Ling, general manager, signed the annual business performance target responsibility letter, safety production environmental protection responsibility letter and fire safety responsibility letter with the subsidiaries.
      Tian Xiaojiang, Minister of Investment and Development of the company, He Xiaopeng, Minister of Strategic Planning, Li Bo, General Manager of Li Core Company, and Han Hongbo, General Manager of Tianyi Company, respectively, made exchange statements.
      Xu Tian, executive director of the company, made a concluding speech and put forward four suggestions on how to promote the further development of the company:
      First, to consolidate the "steady" foundation, is to grasp the scale of existing industries, efficiency, continue to promote industrial projects fast up, fast-forward, fast-growing, actively looking for high technical threshold, large capital scale, good market prospects of emerging industrial projects;
      The second is to cultivate the driving force of "advance", to find the focus of scientific and technological innovation, let the technology out of the laboratory, the research and development results to the market into industrialization development, to build its own characteristics of scientific and technological innovation system, improve the mechanism of scientific and technological financial coordination, to build science and technology finance and strategic emerging industries research and development platform. We will make full use of the Group's financial and industrial synergies to promote the cultivation of innovative enterprises, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the development of industrialization, and form a cluster of science and technology financial industries with high synergy and strong financial services capabilities, so as to foster new growth points.
      Third, to optimize the "good" environment, to establish an institutional mechanism suitable for mixed ownership enterprise development, in line with national laws and regulations under the premise of active exploration, bold attempts, to pay "two-track system" and equity incentive reform as the main entry point, and gradually establish an open talent introduction, input, training, use, support, incentive, security, mobility mechanism, so as to maximize the vitality of talent, promote the sustained and healthy development of the company.
      Fourth, we should quench the idea of "new", we should establish the sense of crisis of "living in peace and security, not entering and dying", the sense of responsibility of "actively assuming, daring to shine a sword", the dialectical thinking of "inclusive and open, sticking to the bottom line", "day by day, dare to be first". Enterprising consciousness, to continue to lead new actions with new ideas, with new thinking to solve new problems, jump out of the usual thinking box, find out the effective way to break through obstacles, get rid of the shackles, to dare to surpass themselves, beyond the past, beyond authority, to explore their own development path.