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Chinese Academy of Sciences academician Yu Yue and his team

Company News 2021-02-25 15:42
      On January 20, Chinese Academy of Science academicians, Xidian University academician Hao Yue and the party are invited Shaanxi to throw the emerging inspection investigation and study.Group party committee committee member, the trustee, deputy general manager Long Xingyuan, the group chief economists, research institute chief cattail the rill, the group science and technology management department, Shaanxi throw, the group research institute, the growth fund correlation person in charge emerging accompany the investigation and study.
      Academician Hao Yue and the party of on-thes-spot investigation have set up the core photoelectricity to produce the line and to carry on the discussion.Hao Yue after was understanding in detail Shaanxi throws the emerging semiconductor laser industry development situation to propose the guidance opinion, hoped Shaanxi throws the group emerging industry tectonic plate deepening and the institutions of higher learning, the scientific research courtyard cooperates, speeds up trains the native place professional, the strengthening technological innovation, impels the semiconductor laser industry colony to develop, the innovation development.
  Long Xingyuan throws the group on behalf of Shaanxi to express welcome to Hao Yue and the party, hoped experts and so on Hao Yue display each item of resources superiority fully, in the product development, the personnel training gives the support.Afterwards, both sides on the laser correlation technical collaboration, the introduction of talent and the raise, the school business cooperation, the scientific and technical payoffs transformed, aspects and so on industrial investment have carried on the thorough exchange.