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Shaanxi Xinxing Investment Group Co., Ltd. accepts the inspe

Company News 2021-02-25 15:39
       On the morning of February 24, Li Xiaoying, director of the Publicity Department of the Party committee of the group company, and his party visited the company to check and accept the establishment of civilized units. Liu Ling, deputy secretary and general manager of the general Party branch, and Yan Xiaohui, member and deputy general manager of the general Party branch, accompanied the inspection.
       At the report meeting, Liu Ling introduced the basic situation of the company and how to practice the "gentleman culture" of the group company. She expressed the hope that taking this inspection and evaluation as an opportunity, she could sum up the creation experience and further improve the spiritual civilization construction level of the company. Yan Xiaohui made a detailed report on the establishment of civilized units to the inspection team.
       Li Xiaoying fully affirmed the establishment of the new civilized unit of Shaanxi investment group Co., Ltd., and put forward two suggestions for further development: first, we should strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, based on the characteristics of the industry, explore the innovation of enterprise culture under the management thinking of "gentleman culture", and improve the overall development quality of the company; second, we should strengthen democratic management, improve the functions of the workers' Congress, and smooth the flow of work Through the channels of "suggestions and suggestions", we should guide the mixed ownership enterprises to carry out democratic management and build harmonious labor relations.
       The inspection team then carefully looked up the relevant information of the establishment work and inspected the internal and external environment of the company.