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Shaanxi investment emerging party general branch held---2020

Company News 2021-03-15 16:27
On the morning of March 3, the Xinxing general Party branch of Shaanxi investment group held the 2020 democratic life meeting of Party members and leading cadres. Jiang Bo, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the group, and Li Xiaoying, director of the Publicity Department of the Party committee, attended the meeting for guidance.
The meeting reported the preparations for the democratic life meeting. Members of the leading group conducted a comparative inspection one by one, deeply analyzed the root causes of the problems, and made clear the direction of efforts and rectification measures. The meeting was serious, and the participants met frankly in their criticism and self-criticism, achieving the goal of unifying thinking, supervising each other, uniting and advancing the work.
Jiang Bo pointed out in his comments that the democratic life meeting was well prepared before the meeting, the analysis materials were not taboo, and the criticism among the members of the leading group was objective and pertinent, which played a role in enhancing the cohesion.
He stressed that 2021 is the centenary of the party and the first year for the implementation of the 14th five year plan. First, we should do a good job in Party building and study the regulations of the Communist Party of China on the work of grassroots organizations in state owned enterprises (for Trial Implementation). In view of the mixed ownership enterprise party building work, we should grasp the political direction, explore ways and methods; second, we should clear the enterprise development direction. We should fully realize the importance of making decisions and setting the direction in our work, strengthen the opening-up, have the courage to take on responsibilities and make innovations; third, we should do a good job in personnel training. Talent is the core competitiveness of enterprises, we should improve the talent incentive mechanism, play the role of talent; fourth, we should strengthen the team building. In the construction of the leading group, it is necessary to put the political orientation in the first place, and the members of the leading group should give full play to their intelligence and wisdom to lead the better development of emerging industries.
The general Party branch of Shaanxi investment Xinxing said that it will seriously implement the comments and guidance, turn the effectiveness of this democratic life meeting into a strong driving force to solve the development problems and promote the high-quality development of Shaanxi investment Xinxing, focus on the reform and development strategy of the group and the "14th five year" development plan of Shaanxi investment Xinxing, ensure the smooth completion of the annual goals and tasks, and strive to promote the development of emerging industries.