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Shaanxi investment group was successfully approved the livin

Company News 2021-03-15 16:09
Recently, four high-end talents of Shaanxi investment Xinxing were approved as "living subsidy for high-end professional and technical talents of Xi'an high tech Zone".
The application time is short and there are many materials, but after careful research, the company actively connects with the relevant government departments, completes all the application materials in the shortest time, and finally obtains the talent subsidy after several rounds of audit.
"A year's plan is like a valley of trees; ten years' plan is like trees; lifelong plans are like tree people". Since the eighteen Party Congress, general secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the importance of talents. He pointed out: "innovation is the first driving force for development, and innovation driven is essentially driven by talents." The key to the progress of society and the development of enterprises lies in talents. To ensure talents is one of the new ideas of Shaanxi investment group.
Starting from the actual demand for talents, Shaanxi investment Xinxing has been fully tapping various favorable policies, striving to introduce more talents, build a first-class talent team, and provide a steady stream of powerful power for the company's industrial development.