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Zhang Feng, member of the Party committee and deputy general

Company News 2021-03-25 08:49
On the afternoon of March 23, Zhang Feng, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager of the group company, and his party went to Shaanxi investment Xinxing to investigate the major legal risk prevention work.
At the research meeting, Xu Tianyou, Secretary of the general Party branch and executive director of Shaanxi investment Xinxing, made a detailed report on the company's legal risk prevention work. Peng daiquan, director of the group's regulatory department, fully affirmed the company's achievements in legal risk management. He hoped that Shaanxi investment Xinxing would continue to improve the construction of risk system in the future work, and give full play to the important role of internal legal affairs in the company's risk management.
Zhang Feng inquired about the relevant situation of the company and put forward the requirements on how to further strengthen the legal risk prevention work. First, we should attach great importance to the compliance, risk and legal work; second, we should deal with the relationship among compliance, risk control and legal work, so as to strictly handle affairs, manage and make decisions according to law; third, we should track the whole process of investment and merger projects, and make decisions according to law With the management, we should follow up the whole process and investigate the contingent risks in an all-round way; fourth, we should sum up the experience through legal dispute cases, fulfill our duties, be strict and compliant, be careful and meticulous in the specific work, clarify the key risk areas of the industry, and make good use of information technology to do the relevant prevention work.
Xu Tianyou said that he will continue to pay close attention to risk management, consolidate the level of compliance management, and comprehensively improve the enterprise's risk prevention ability.
During this period, the research group also visited the production site of Shaanxi Tianyi antenna Co., Ltd., a new holding subsidiary of Shaanxi investment group. Members of the company's management team and heads of relevant departments participated in the investigation.