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Shaanxi Investment Emerging to Munich Shanghai Light Expo an

Company News 2021-03-31 09:53
Shaanxi Investment Emerging to Munich Shanghai Light Expo and SEMICON CHINA International Semiconductor Exhibition to conduct research
(Author: Li Qi/13299118306 Approver/Director: Li Bo/18992029166)
From March 17th to 19th, two industry events, the Munich Shanghai Light Expo and the SEMICON CHINA 2021 International Semiconductor Exhibition, were successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Focusing on industry trends, the exhibition focuses on the latest research and development achievements and advances in laser processing, advanced lasers, infrared imaging technology, laser safety, fiber lasers, artificial intelligence, etc., covering a wide range of areas of the laser industry. Liu Ling, deputy general secretary and general manager of The Emerging Party of Shaanxi Investment, and Li Bo, general secretary and deputy general manager of the Party, led the company's business team to the exhibition and conducted in-depth research on the development of the global semiconductor laser industry and the entire industrial chain.
The Munich-Shanghai Light Expo is Asia's largest laser, optical and photoelectration industry event, leading the industry from basic research to the development of new products, but also an important platform for communication between photoelectrelectr and optical enterprises. The exhibition lasts 3 days, a total of five sub-sectors set up exhibition areas, the laser industry, many well-known enterprises to participate, including major university research institutes, leading enterprises in various applications. For the fourth consecutive year, Lising Photoelectr of Shaanxi Investment's emerging holding subsidiary has participated in the Shanghai Light Expo in Munich as an exhibitor.
SEMICON CHINA International Semiconductor Exhibition is one of the leading semiconductor industry events in China, and brings together leading equipment and materials manufacturers in many of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturing fields. Sponsor SEMI is a non-profit international trade association serving integrated circuit manufacturing, flat panel display, nanotechnology, microelectrometer systems (MEMS), solar photovoltaics and related technology industries, with more than 2,300 member companies worldwide. The exhibition has nearly a thousand exhibitors to participate in, covering chip design, manufacturing, sealing, equipment, material suppliers and other industry chain.
At the exhibition site, Shaanxi Investment Emerging research on the current stage of the semiconductor laser industry development and trends, access to the industry's cutting-edge information, a total of more than 20 contacts with the laser field enterprises and research institutes, and conducted in-depth exchanges, established a good relationship. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen the semiconductor photoelectronics sector business linkage development concept, keen to capture integrated circuits and compound semiconductor industry information, and actively pay attention to high-quality industrial projects and investment opportunities to promote the development of Shaanxi Investment Group.