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The new red, green and blue semiconductor laser chip and dev

Company News 2021-07-08 10:21
(author: Li Qi / 13299118306 approver / leader in charge: Li Bo / 18992029166)

On July 8, Shaanxi investment Xinxing held the review meeting of the Investment Committee for the red, green and blue semiconductor laser chip and device project. Xu Tianyou, secretary and executive director of the general Party branch of the company, Liu Ling, deputy secretary and general manager of the general Party branch and other members of the leading group of the company, heads of relevant departments and offices and members of the project team attended the meeting. Two optoelectronic industry experts were invited to participate in the meeting as external expert members and put forward review opinions.
At the meeting, the project team made a detailed report on the feasibility study of the project and the establishment scheme of the joint venture. Subsequently, the participants and experts expressed their review opinions from the aspects of technical cooperation risk, R & D and production arrangement, future production line construction, business cooperation mode, project financial forecast, industry macro prospect, etc.
Xu Tianyou said at the meeting that the review opinions of experts are objective, pertinent and instructive. In the next work, the project team needs to carefully refer to the expert opinions, strictly investigate risks and focus on the implementation of the project. Shaanxi investment Xinxing will respond to the "light pursuit plan" of Shaanxi Province, actively promote the implementation of the project, strive to create a new blueprint for Shaanxi investment photon plate, and help the rapid development of Qin Chuangyuan, the general window of innovation driven in Shaanxi Province.