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The next day, the antenna appeared in the military civilian

Company News 2021-07-28 10:25
From July 20 to 22, the military civilian integration battlefield enabling achievements exhibition was held in Xi'an campus of National University of defense technology. The next day, the antenna appeared in the exhibition with scattering communication antenna and box movable antenna. Deputy general manager an Tao and relevant personnel of the marketing department attended the exhibition on behalf of the company.
The military civilian integration battlefield enabling achievement exhibition, jointly sponsored by the University of national defense science and technology and the rapid response team for national defense science and technology innovation (Shaanxi), lasts for three days for the internal setting of the army. It aims to display the advanced military civilian integration products of various companies and enable the battlefield.
Shaanxi Tianyi antenna Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and civil military integration demonstration enterprise, specializing in the R & D, production, sales and technical services of communication antenna and advanced composite materials. It can provide users with more than 150 specifications of communication antennas, including satellite communication, scattering, remote sensing and telemetry antennas, etc. Tianyi antenna applies carbon fiber composite material to the development of communication antenna, which solves the shortcomings of traditional metal antenna, such as complex structure, heavy mass, easy deformation, low precision and easy corrosion, and is more conducive to the application of individual soldier carrying, mobile vehicle and island reef antenna products. It is especially suitable for the application of large-diameter vehicle mounted and ship mounted mobile communication antennas above 4.5m, and solves the disadvantage that the existing large-diameter fixed communication stations are easy to be located and damaged.
At the exhibition, the scattering communication antenna attracted everyone's attention. The whole machine is light, practical and has strong environmental adaptability, attracting many military leaders to stop and communicate.
In this exhibition, Tianyi antenna statically displayed a variety of products such as vehicle mounted 4.5m Ku band communication antenna, all carbon fiber 13m Ka band satellite communication antenna, Satcom scattering multi-purpose mobile communication, radar radome, etc., reflecting the company's advanced production technology and technical capability, and attracting representatives of various services for on-site consultation and exchange, The field staff warmly introduced the product features and technical advantages of Tianyi antenna.
Wen Chen Lingjuan