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Shaantou Xinxing Party Committee held the 2022 democratic life meeting of party members and leading

Company news 2023-03-16 17:33:03 349
       In the afternoon of March 14, the new party committee of Shaanxi Investment Group held the 2022 democratic life meeting of party members and leading cadres. Xie Hui, Deputy General Manager of the Group, and Peng Hui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the government, attended the meeting for guidance. Xu Tianyou, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the company, presided over the meeting, and all the team members attended the meeting.
       In order to hold this democratic life meeting well, the company's party committee has carefully worked out a work plan, centered on the theme, adopted collective discussion, individual self-study and other methods, thoroughly studied the Party Constitution and the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress verbatim, carried out discussions and exchanges, extensively solicited the views of all parties, conducted in-depth heart-to-heart talks, carefully checked the existing problems one by one against the six aspects of the provisions, and wrote comparative inspection materials.
       At the meeting, the rectification and implementation of the democratic life meeting on the special topic of party history learning and education of the company's party committee and the solicitation of opinions at this democratic life meeting were reported. Xu Tianyou first made a comparison inspection on behalf of the company's party committee, focusing on six aspects of problems and deficiencies, deeply analyzed the reasons, and identified the next direction of efforts and improvement measures. Later, Xu Tianyou took the lead in making a personal contrast check speech. The team members spoke one by one and criticized each other, achieving the goal of self-criticism, exposing the shortcomings and exposing the ugly, and mutual criticism out of fairness and directness, achieving the goal of adhering to the truth, correcting mistakes, uniting the will, and enhancing unity, and achieving the desired effect.
       Xie Hui, the leader of the 10th Steering Group of the Group, made an objective and pertinent uation of the democratic life meeting. He believed that the democratic life meeting was fully prepared before the meeting, the atmosphere was warm, and the meeting effect was obvious. It was a meeting of high standards and high quality. At the same time, we put forward suggestions and suggestions. First, we should further strengthen the rectification, seriously do a good job in the "second half of the article" of the Democratic Life Association, and promote the implementation of the rectification with strong political responsibility to achieve tangible results; Second, we should deeply study the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, deeply understand the decisive significance of the "two establishment", further strengthen the "four consciousness", firmly adhere to the "four self-confidence", firmly achieve the "two maintenance", and ensure that the decisions and arrangements of the superior are fully implemented. Third, we should further optimize the construction of the company's system and boost the confidence of the enterprise's development. Fourth, we should strengthen party building, ensure that the unique advantages of party building are fully demonstrated in mixed-ownership enterprises, and integrate party building work and production and operation from the institutional level.
       The emerging party committee of Shaanxi Investment Group said that it would earnestly implement the comments and guidance, and earnestly do a good job of all work from three aspects, namely, taking a clear stand in politics, paying full attention to rectification, and taking responsibility for promoting development. In the spirit of making progress, implement the major decisions and arrangements made at the 20th CPC National Congress, and make new and greater contributions to the emerging high-quality development of Shaanxi Investment.