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Zhao Jun and his delegation went to Shanghai to investigate the semiconductor equipment industry

Company news 2023-04-25 17:54:19 136
       Recently, Zhao Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Shaanxi Investment Group, and a delegation went to Shanghai to inspect semiconductor equipment companies Xinyidong and Xinli Electronics. During this period, they went to Shanghai Weian Semiconductor Co., Ltd. for discussions and exchanges. Liu Ling, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Shaanxi Investment Xinxing, Li Bo, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager, as well as personnel from the Group's Strategic Planning Department and Shaanxi Investment Xinxing, accompanied them.
       Zhao Jun and his team conducted a detailed and in-depth investigation and understanding of the basic situation of the semiconductor equipment industry, equipment price trends, and the procurement sources, remanufacturing capabilities, and equipment ownership of research enterprises.
       Zhao Jun said that the semiconductor industry is a key layout area for Shaanxi Investment Group's strategic transformation and upgrading to emerging industries. Shaanxi Investment's emerging power semiconductor industrialization project is an important support for Shaanxi Investment Group's development of the semiconductor industry. As the upstream of the semiconductor industry chain, semiconductor equipment is in a key position at the core, and its progressiveness will directly affect the quality and production efficiency of the company's future products. Zhao Jun requires Shaanxi Investment Xinxing to conduct in-depth and extensive research in equipment procurement, strictly select equipment according to production process requirements, and lay a solid production foundation for the company's future high-level and high-quality development.