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Shaanxi Investment Emerging Industries Visits Xi'an Jiaotong University Western Migration Museum for

Company news 2024-04-19 16:58:13 223
On the afternoon of April 19th, the company's Party Committee, in conjunction with the Discipline Inspection Commission, organized a united front education and learning activity, as well as an "action to protect seedlings" education and learning activity. More than 30 party members, cadres, and representatives of non party intellectuals from the company system visited the West Migration Museum of Jiaotong University to learn and listen to the story of the West Migration, reminisce about the process of the West Migration, and appreciate the "West Migration Spirit". Members of the company's leadership team, including Party Secretary and Chairman Liu Ling, participated in the study.

In recent years, the Xiqian Museum of Jiaotong University has been approved as a national "Great Ideological and Political Course" practical teaching base, a patriotic education base for non party intellectuals in Shaanxi Province, a scientific spirit education base, and a national traditional education base for the 93 Society. As an important platform for promoting the spirit of westward migration, it showcases the magnificent power of the spirit of westward migration to inspire generations of intellectuals to move forward courageously, leading intellectuals of different ages, fields, and fronts to jointly learn the spirit of westward migration, which is a precious spiritual wealth of Chinese higher education.

This event aims to deepen the study and education of Party discipline, further promote the internalization and externalization of the "spirit of westward migration" among cadres and employees, enhance their sense of responsibility and the spirit of fighting bravely.

Through visiting and learning, everyone unanimously believes that it is necessary to deeply understand and grasp the core essence and rich connotations of the "West Migration Spirit", continuously tap into the era value of the "West Migration Spirit", and young cadres should take the initiative to take action. Intellectuals should constantly gather their magnificent strength, transform learning and practicing the "West Migration Spirit" into a strong driving force to do their job well. In the future, they will base themselves on their job, adhere to their original aspirations and missions in promoting the West Migration Spirit, walk at the forefront of political construction and work style improvement, set an example in clearly speaking politics, bravely take on responsibilities and solidly contribute, and persistently promote the high-quality development of the company to achieve new breakthroughs.