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Shaanxi Investment Emerging Holding Q1 Business and Budget Analysis Meeting

Company news 2024-04-30 17:41:09 209
On April 29th, Shaanxi Investment Emerging held a Q1 business and budget analysis meeting to summarize and analyze the execution of the Q1 business and budget, and arrange and deploy key work for the Q2. Liu Ling, Secretary and Chairman of the Company's Party Committee, and Zou Yibo, Deputy Secretary and General Manager of the Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Li Bo, member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager, presided over the meeting.
At the meeting, the Asset Management Department conveyed the spirit of the first quarter production and operation analysis meeting of the group company, and reported on the completion of the operating performance indicators of the holding subsidiaries in the first quarter. The Finance Department prepared a budget execution analysis report for the first quarter, while Lixin Optoelectronics and Tianyi Technology reported on the first quarter's operating situation and the key work measures in the second quarter.
In his speech, Zou Yibo summarized the overall business situation of the company in the first quarter, analyzed the business situation and main problems faced by the company, and put forward seven requirements for doing a good job in the second quarter: first, we must adhere to the business philosophy of "stabilizing stock and seeking increment", increase market development efforts, accelerate the planning and implementation of industrial parks and fund establishment, and expand the layout of the industrial chain; Secondly, we should focus on the "one profit, five rates" indicators, strengthen the analysis of business data, and focus on solving key and difficult problems that constrain development; Thirdly, we need to accelerate the research and development of key core technologies, make every effort to create high value-added products, and promote more transformation of technological achievements into enterprise value; Fourthly, we need to strengthen cash management and ensure the funding needs of enterprise development through various means such as debt and equity financing; The fifth is to deeply tap into the potential for internal cost reduction and efficiency improvement, strengthen cost management, and focus on cost reduction in the supply chain process; Sixth, we must actively implement the "two gold" pressure reduction goals and measures, focus on the collection of outstanding debts from key customers, and increase inventory pressure reduction efforts; The seventh is to strengthen safety management, improve comprehensive budget management and refined management level, and strive to improve the quality of enterprise operation.
Liu Ling emphasized that the company's two-level management team and management at all levels should have a clear understanding of the situation facing the company's development. In response to the problems in the first quarter's business work, they should conscientiously implement corresponding work measures. Around the key work plan for the second quarter, they should focus on project expansion, market development, product research and development, production capacity release, and "two gold" pressure reduction, etc., closely adhere to the goals, truly work hard, and obtain more high-quality orders to support the completion of the annual business performance goals. At the same time, in the face of complex and changing market situations, they should always adhere to the management concepts of micro governance, micro regulation, and micro activity, work together, scientifically and efficiently improve the level of business management, strictly control business risks, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the enterprise.
Members of the company's leadership team, deputy chief engineer, assistant general manager, department heads, general managers of holding subsidiaries, responsible leaders, and relevant department heads attended the meeting.