Investment Case
Investment Case
 Core photoelectric
    The company is the first high-power semiconductor laser chip manufacturer in China. It has unique key technologies in chip design, material growth, device fabrication, package testing, reliability and failure research. Through the application of self-owned intellectual property technology such as the world's first P3 terminal processing, the main targets of the developed high-power semiconductor laser chip products have reached. To or exceed the international level of similar products.
    Tianyi antenna
    Tianyi antenna is a key enterprise of civil-military integration in Shaanxi Province. It is the first private enterprise to launch carbon fiber composite satellite antenna in China. It has many core patents in the field of high-precision composite processing and forming. It has a significant leading advantage in the same industry and a stable market share. Core products have been widely used in important combat equipment of land and navy. Customized products are used as key components in new fighters, tactical and strategic weapons and other important weapons.
    Advanced Manufacturing Fund
The company jointly initiated the establishment and management of Shaanxi Advanced Manufacturing Industry Investment Fund with the investment capital of Shaanxi Province and Haier Capital, with a scale of 500 million yuan in the first phase. We focus on equity investment in intelligent manufacturing, new materials, high-end equipment, civil-military integration and other advanced manufacturing fields.