Investment System
Investment System
New Generation Information Technology Industry
    In order to achieve the overall improvement of information technology platform and the inter-generational change of industry, the whole process design, production and application of the new generation of information technology is laid out.
    Civil-military Integration Industry
    In order to form a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and highly effective pattern of in-depth development of military-civilian integration, we should lay out all kinds of top-end military-to-civilian and Civil-participation projects.
    New Energy Industry
    In order to achieve the synergistic effect of the whole industry chain, we should lay out all kinds of advanced technologies for new energy development, utilization and storage.
    Big Health Industry
    With the development of biotechnology, high-end equipment, intelligent pension industry as the goal, the layout of original technology and larger growth potential of the target company.
    New material industry
    In order to meet the demand for new materials in the fields of electronic information and high-end equipment, various functional materials with excellent performance or special properties are laid out.