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Recently, Xi'an Lixin Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the certificate of "National High-tech Enterprise" by the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department, Shaanxi Provincial Finance Department, Shaanxi Provincial State Taxation Bureau and Shaanxi Provincial Local Taxation Bureau. The company formally entered the ranks of national high-tech enterprises.

The recognition of national high-tech enterprises is based on the relevant provisions of the "Measures for the Management of Recognition of High-tech Enterprises" and "Guidelines for the Management of Recognition of High-tech Enterprises". The comprehensive evaluation and identification of enterprises'core independent intellectual property rights, transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, organizational management level of research and development, growth indicators and talent structure need to be screened and examined at various levels. Strict. Since its establishment, Lixin Photoelectric Company has insisted on independent research and development and innovation of high-power semiconductor laser chips. The developed 8xxnm and 9xxxnm series products have reached the leading domestic level, and are favored by many enterprises for their high performance and professional service. Through the identification of national high-tech enterprises, it also shows that the company has been strongly supported and recognized by the state in innovation and R&D.
According to relevant regulations, enterprises will enjoy preferential tax rates within three years after they are recognized as high-tech enterprises, which will help to reduce the tax burden of enterprises and improve economic efficiency, and also bring new opportunities for companies to create innovative enterprises, so that companies have the opportunity to win more technical and policy support from the state in the process of innovation and development, and increase their technological innovation ability in the future. Degree, research and development of high-tech content of new products provides a strong guarantee.