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Zhao Jun, deputy general manager of the group company, went

Company news 2019-02-21 09:09:00 292
    On February 20, Zhao Jun, the director and deputy general manager of the Group Company, went to Lixin Photoelectric Company to investigate and guide the work of expanding production and increasing efficiency. Liang Junjunjun, the director of the management department of the Group Company, Tian Wuying, the deputy director of the Strategic Planning Department, and Xu Beibei accompanied the investigation.

    Zhao Jun's deputy general manager and his delegation first visited Lixin Photovoltaic Company's equipment and facilities, production and R&D situation, and then held a field research conference on new fine management and Lixin Photovoltaic Expansion in Shaanxi Investment Corporation.
    At the meeting, Bai Yiwei, general manager of Shaanxi Investment Corporation, reported on the completion of Shaanxi Investment Corporation's operation in 2018 and the development of its fine management work; Li Bo, general manager of Lixin Optoelectronic Company, reported on Lixin's production and operation, expansion plan and development plan. The functional departments of the group company provide guidance on the expansion of production capacity, production scale and future planning of the rival core company.
    After hearing the relevant reports, Vice General Manager Zhao Jun made a speech. Firstly, he affirmed the work of Lixin Optoelectronics in the past three years, and put forward three requirements according to the development situation of Lixin Optoelectronics Company: first, we should base on the current situation of Lixin Optoelectronics Company, accelerate the pace of production expansion and efficiency increase, and ensure the smooth implementation of the plan; second, we should penetrate the fine management into all aspects of the company's production, and strive to realize the "core of building China, source of building China"; third, we should plan ahead of time. "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" to plan the future development rationally.
    Xu Tianyou, chairman of Lixin Optoelectronics, made a statement. He said that Lixin Optoelectronics will deeply implement the various decision-making arrangements of the Group and accelerate the pace of development. Firstly, we should base ourselves on the orientation of enterprises, grasp the rhythm of development and seriously plan for future development; secondly, we should accelerate the implementation of the expansion plan, lay out the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and create the laser industry sector. He demanded that in the face of strong market demand and opportunities for development, Lixin Optoelectronics should take the lead in the industry and contribute more to the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the group company.
    Members of Shantou's new leading group, middle-level cadres, Lixin Optoelectronics Managers and heads of relevant departments participated in the on-site investigation meeting.