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Shaanxi Investment and Emerging Holding the Kickoff Meeting for the Mid term Adjustment Work of the

Company news 2023-05-10 17:44:00 267
       In order to actively respond to the notice of the group company on the mid-term adjustment work of the 14th Five Year Plan, on the morning of May 10th, Shaanxi Investment Xinxing held a kickoff meeting for the mid-term adjustment work of the company's 14th Five Year Plan. Xu Tianyou, Secretary of the company's Party Committee and Chairman, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Liu Ling, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager, presided over the meeting, with relevant members of the company's Strategic Planning Committee, middle-level and above cadres, and representatives of various holding subsidiaries attending the meeting.
       At the meeting, the Strategic Planning Department first thoroughly interpreted the relevant documents of the group company regarding the mid-term adjustment of the 14th Five Year Plan, and elaborated in detail on the work plan for the mid-term adjustment of Shaanxi Investment Emerging's 14th Five Year Plan. The plan emphasizes the need to follow the overall development strategy and comprehensively deepen the reform essentials of the group company, closely focus on the current industrial layout of the company, based on the development status of various industrial sectors, major project special plans, and the overall development strategy of the "14th Five Year Plan", deeply analyze the internal and external environmental changes and existing problems in the current development, and scientifically adjust the "14th Five Year Plan" development plan.
       The meeting reviewed and approved the mid-term adjustment work plan for the company's 14th Five Year Plan. We have established a company work leadership group and preparation group, and put forward clear requirements for the work nodes and content of planning and adjustment.

       Liu Ling emphasized that all employees of the company should attach great importance to the mid-term adjustment work of this plan, establish a coordination mechanism for the preparation of the mid-term adjustment work of the 14th Five Year Plan, and unify organization and coordination. Each department and subsidiary should establish a "top leader" responsibility mechanism, deploy specialized forces, and implement relevant responsibilities.
       Xu Tianyou stated that strategic planning has important guiding significance for the company's development. We need to deeply study the mid-term adjustment plan of the 14th Five Year Plan of the group company, and take this opportunity to clarify our thinking, carefully study the laws of market and industry development, combine the company's existing industries and major projects, strengthen the effective connection between special planning and overall planning, clarify the development trend of the enterprise, and enhance the guiding role of strategic planning. At the same time, it is necessary to thoroughly summarize the early implementation of the company's 14th Five Year Plan, objectively state and analyze development differences, maintain the macro direction and principles unchanged, and reasonably modify the development goals, key tasks, and guarantee measures of the 14th Five Year Plan.