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The fifth assessment team of the group company visited Shaanxi Investment Xinxing to conduct on-site

Company news 2023-05-08 17:37:17 297
       On the afternoon of May 8th, led by Zheng Bo, the leader of the assessment team, a member of the Party Committee of the group company, and the chief accountant, the fifth assessment team of the group visited Shaanxi Investment Emerging Industry Development Co., Ltd. for on-site assessment of 2022 business performance, party building and clean governance construction, as well as the 2020 2022 term goals. Xu Tianyou, Secretary and Chairman of the Xinxing Party Committee of Shaanxi Investment Group, Liu Ling, Deputy Secretary and General Manager of the Party Committee, Li Bo, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager, Liu Xinjun, Member of the Party Committee and Chief Financial Officer, Hu Jiangyan, Member of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and representatives of middle-level cadres and employees of the company attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by He Qinxin, Deputy Director of the Group's Financial Management Department.
       At the meeting, Zheng Bo proposed requirements for this assessment work:
       One is to attach great importance, take it seriously, and make every effort to ensure the successful completion of this assessment work;
       The second is to adhere to standards, ensure quality, and accurately grasp the standards and requirements of assessment;
       Thirdly, we need to unite our efforts, take on practical responsibilities, closely focus on annual goals and tasks, and make greater contributions to achieving the high-quality development of the group company.
       At the meeting, Xu Tianyou presented a report on the work of the legal representative and a report on the selection and appointment of personnel. While summarizing his work achievements, the above report also thoroughly analyzed the problems and shortcomings, and pointed out the direction for future efforts.
       During the meeting, participants uated the leadership team and its members based on the progress of the company's various work, and conducted democratic uations of the company's personnel selection and appointment work.

After the meeting, the assessment team reviewed the company's 2022 party building and clean governance construction, personnel selection and employment, publicity and education, and other work materials.