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Craftsman's Sincerity and Excellence in Craftsmanship - Wang Dongrong, a staff member of Tianyi Tech

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Praise the craftsmen of the times and pay tribute to skilled talents. Recently, the Yanta District Federation of Trade Unions in Xi'an City commended and announced the results of the 2023 "Yanta Craftsman" selection, and Wang Dongrong, an employee of Tianyi Technology, was awarded the title of "Yanta Craftsman".
Wang Dong, male, Han ethnicity, born in September 1986, started working in 2008. He is a senior technician and works in the front line of the Tianyi Technology Manufacturing Department workshop as a mold fixture. For decades, he has been diligently studying and practicing in ordinary work positions, diligently studying and mastering the skills of fitters and applying them in practice. He has excelled in completing various production and processing tasks, successfully solving technical bottlenecks and difficulties in the production and processing of enterprise components. He has won awards in technical competitions multiple times and has given the imprint of the times and the characteristics of Tianyi to the craftsman spirit of "persistence, focus, excellence, meticulousness, and pursuit of excellence" with his practical achievements.
After learning of this honor, Wang Dong stated that he will turn it into a responsibility and motivation, continue to work hard, work hard, forge ahead with determination, and promote Tianyi Technology to achieve better results with a high attitude and unremitting efforts. He will become a fighter in the era of high-quality development and write a new chapter of labor in the new era.
In recent years, Tianyi Technology Union has cultivated a fertile soil of craftsmanship spirit, focusing on building a progressive and hierarchical cultivation and selection system for craftsman talents. Through effective carriers such as "innovation studios", it has extensively and deeply carried out skills competitions and technical exchange activities, building a broad platform for employees to become skilled and outstanding, inspiring employees to take model workers as role models, inspire labor enthusiasm, stimulate innovation vitality, walk the path of skill development and craftsmanship to build dreams, and contribute to the high-quality development of enterprises!

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