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Shaanxi Investment Group's Low Altitude Economic Aviation+Aerospace Technology IP Development Resear

Company news 2024-05-24 18:12:32 147
On May 23rd, Qi Weibo, Director of the Science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Investment Group, and a delegation of five visited Shaanxi Investment Emerging to conduct research on the development of low altitude economic aviation and aerospace technology IP. Zou Yibo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the company, Liu Bing, Deputy General Manager, and relevant personnel from the Strategic Planning Department, Asset Management Department, and Tianyi Technology accompanied the research.
The research team went to the production workshop of Tianyi Technology to conduct an on-site inspection of the low altitude economic industry infrastructure, and listened to the introduction of Tianyi Technology's related products on site.
At the subsequent symposium, Liu Bing reported on the company's recent development in the low altitude economic industry, technological innovation, progress in key research and development projects, next development ideas and suggestions. Relevant departments and Tianyi Technology made additional speeches.
Zou Yibo systematically introduced the main work done by the company in laying out the low altitude economic industry, and the main measures and work plans taken in talent cultivation, technological research and development, financing planning, business strategies, etc. He also put forward suggestions for the group to continue to increase corresponding policy support.
The members of the research group of Shaanxi Investment Group provided guidance on the development of the company's low altitude economic industry, including digital transformation, automated production, internal business collaboration, key core technology research and development, industry university research cooperation, and technology innovation platform construction.
Qi Weibo stated that Shaanxi Investment Emerging has accumulated certain technological strength and development foundation in the field of low altitude economic industries, and is an important lever for the group to develop new quality productive forces. It is necessary to carefully study the relevant policies of the central and provincial governments to accelerate the cultivation of low altitude economic development, and accurately position the next direction of low altitude economic business development based on the actual situation of the enterprise. We should steadily promote the transformation of traditional composite product business to high-tech and high-value added aviation product business in accordance with the strategy of stabilization, breakthrough, and growth. We should make every effort to break through the technological bottleneck of new products, increase patent applications, enhance the core technological strength of enterprises, promote industrial breakthroughs through research and development, achieve enterprise development and growth, and contribute to Shaanxi Investment Group's efforts to build a "3+N" technology IP modern industrial system.