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The core photoelectrectrectrectred 18 comrades passed smooth

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The core photoelectrectrectrectred 18 comrades passed smoothly
2020 Professional and Technical Title Qualification Review

      On January 10, 2021, Shaanxi Investment Group issued the Notice on the Results of the Qualification Assessment of the Initial and Intermediate Titles of the 2020 Engineering Series (Shaanxi Investment Group No. 3), and three comrades, Sun Yu, Yang Huan, and Jia Wei, successfully passed the 2021 Engineering Series Engineer and Assistant Engineer Title Assessment to obtain the qualifications of engineers and assistant engineers. Ren Zhanqiang, Li Xirong 2 comrades and Cheng party and other 11 comrades through the 2021 engineering series of engineers and assistant engineers, respectively, to obtain the qualifications of engineers, assistant engineers, a total of 18 people participated in the title review and successfully passed.
      The construction of talent team is the strong driving force to achieve the sustainable development of the company, the further optimization of the title structure, is the key to enhance the core competitiveness of the company's science and technology enterprises, to create a high-level, reasonable structure of the talent team, is to achieve the company "leading China's high-power laser chip research and development and manufacturing enterprises" technology development and market development cornerstone. Core Photoelectric will continue to promote the construction of learning-oriented team, and constantly improve the human resources management system, establish and improve incentive policies to encourage employees to use their spare time to strengthen learning, and strive to obtain various professional title and professional qualifications, and gradually form a stable, strong technical ability of the professional team, in order to promote the company to achieve high-quality development to provide a strong support.