Business System
Business System
The company adheres to the investment principle of holding investment, the organic combination of equity participation and other forms of investment, adheres to the business model of "investment + operation" two-way development, and continuously cultivates investment in emerging industries.
industrial investment
    Through scientific and rational industrial planning, adhere to the investment strategy of "combination of control and participation", and form a wide and diversified industrial layout composed of high-value and high-growth enterprises.
    1) Holding Direct Investment Business
    For high-quality companies with strong technological innovation ability, large market growth scale, and in line with the development direction of emerging industries of national strategy, the company can achieve relative or absolute holding by using its own capital direct equity investment or joint venture. Through expanding the scale of industrial clusters, deepening the industrial layout, forming close cooperation and complementary partnership with the invested enterprises, we can build a benign ecosystem.
    2) Shareholding Investment Business
    In view of the potential industrial synergy effect, stable and clear financial returns of the opportunistic projects, as well as the explosive growth potential, early projects with high, sophisticated and sophisticated technology reserves use their own funds or through industrial investment funds to participate in equity-based investment, so as to prepare for follow-up of industrial investment, thus forming a dual-wheel drive and synergy between equity investment and industrial investment. Complementary business structure.
    Asset Management
    The company is a small number of domestic investment institutions that really put investment and management at the same level. Adhering to the concept of "management creates value" and taking "active Management + enabling management" as the main mode, the company achieves the healthy development and rapid growth of the invested enterprises through a variety of effective management means.
    1) Active management
    For the holding enterprises, the company will take the principle of not interfering in the specific business activities of the enterprises as the principle, and guide the enterprises to develop along the strategic path that takes into account each other's interests. The company will make use of sophisticated management and cultivation experience to continuously strengthen the enterprise from aspects of governance structure, development strategy, human resources, market channels and so on, so as to realize the sustainable development and value-added of investment projects.
    2) Enabling Management
    Based on the principle of helping the invested enterprises to grow organically, and on the basis of the full integration and allocation of existing project resources, the company will graft the unique industrial, financial and social influence resources of the invested enterprises into the invested enterprises, thus giving them full empowerment, making the invested enterprises and the company produce organic synergy effect and mutual benefit and win-win.