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The first theoretical learning center group of the general P

Party Building 2020-01-17 16:21:00 703
    On January 17, the first theoretical learning center group of the general Party branch of Shaanxi investment emerging organization in 2020 focused on learning. The meeting was presided over by Gao Wang, member of the general Party branch and chief financial officer, and all members of the center group participated in the learning.

    At the meeting, I first conveyed and studied the spirit of relevant documents, such as the notice on deepening the special rectification of illegal gift collection and delivery during the new year's Spring Festival, and the work arrangement on correcting the "four winds" during the new year's Spring Festival in 2020. The study focused on Xi Jinping's 2020 Spring Festival message and the fourth plenary meeting communiqu of the nineteenth Central Discipline Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of China.
    Xu Tianyou, Secretary of the general Party branch and executive director, as the center spokesman, made a learning exchange speech. In his speech, he stressed that we should further enhance the political standing from the overall and strategic height of the party and state's development in the new era, conscientiously study and understand, thoroughly implement and conscientiously integrate ideas and actions into the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech. Second, we should pay close attention to the important time nodes, key positions and key minority, further clarify the work requirements, fully understand and understand the policy content, grasp the policy opportunities, and re arrange, re deploy and re mobilize the special rectification work for illegal gift collection and delivery. Third, all Party members and cadres of the company should bear in mind the red line of discipline, be strict with integrity and self-discipline, and put an end to fluke mentality. Once again, the eight provisions of the Central Committee and the contents related to integrity and self-discipline should be reiterated. It is strictly prohibited to eat and drink with public funds, travel with public funds, treat and present gifts, and promote thrift and civilization.