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Shaanxi Investment Emerging Party General Branch Organizatio

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      On January 20, Shaanxi throws the emerging general party branch to organize in 2021 the first theory center group centralism study, the conference by general party branch committee members, deputy general manager Comrade Yan Xiaohui to manage, the central component member participates in the study.
At the meeting, the centralism has studied "the Central Committee of the CCP with emphasis about Enhancement Party's Political Construction          Opinion" and the CCP central committee staff office prints and distributes "“Does not forget First thought about Consolidated Deepening, Keeps firmly in mind Mission” Subject Education Achievement Opinion", and how on implements the realization work to carry on comprehends again, arranges, to deploy again again.
      General party branch committee member, deputy general manager Li Bo took this centralism study featured presenter has carried on the study exchange speech.He stressed in the speech, Communist Party of China the reason that can obtain whole nation's support and the support, realization long-term being in power, a most basic reason is Communist Party of China has not forgotten the first thought and the mission throughout.The new crown pneumonia epidemic situation guards against the achievement which controls, is socialist system superior manifesting under, is Communist Party of China leads the national government system superiority to manifest fully.
      The conference stressed that, one is must continue to study the understanding thoroughly, grasps the energetic essence, pays special attention to the realization earnestly according to the work deployment, throws Shaanxi the emerging work to suspend, suspends actually oneself, suspends the long-term development, achieves really studies really understands really takes seriously uses.Two further enhances the political station position, achieves “two maintenances”, the implementation carries out steadfastly “two maintenances” in the work the entire process, various domains.Three, unifies the consolidated deepened subject education same labour of duty, the acting took, “55” the plan as develops the master line take the company, impels Shaanxi to throw unceasingly works emerging the high grade development.