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       On March 28th, the first 40 meter large high-performance Ku band radar radome developed and manufactured by Tianyi Technology was successfully capped at the Xi'an trial assembly base. This radome is a large-scale high-performance radar radome owned by Tianyi Technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, filling the gap in the technology of large-scale high-frequency radar radomes in China. Wu Jian, Director of Science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Investment Group Co., Ltd., and Xu Tianyou, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Investment Emerging Industry Development Co., Ltd., attended and delivered important speeches.
       The radome is 30 meters high and consists of nearly a thousand triangular unit blocks. It uses a truncated spherical metal spatial skeleton and a sandwich structure with a composite cover wall. It is the first to adopt a hot pressing tank process for integrated molding of unit blocks, combining the wave transmission advantages of the metal skeleton in the high-frequency band with the strength advantages of the composite sandwich plate. The unit loss is reduced to 0.3 db, with the advantages of high wave transmission and high strength, and low high-frequency loss, reaching the leading level in China.
       The radome composite plate unit uses dedicated positioning tooling and molding molds to ensure the dimensional accuracy and consistency of each unit block. A series of key technologies have been overcome in high-precision assembly, waterproof and sealing of large radar radomes. It is reported that the radar radome is mainly used for supporting large ground fixed station radar antenna systems such as military radar, weather radar, warning radar, radio astronomy, satellite communication, range measurement and control, etc.
       Last year, Tianyi Technology successfully entered the large radar radome market, achieving the first breakthrough in the entire process of "zero" for large ground radomes from design, verification, manufacturing, high-precision assembly in the outfield to testing. In recent years, Tianyi Technology has continuously deepened its efforts in the field of large-scale radar radomes. Products such as 7.3 meter Ka band radomes and 20 meter Ka band radomes have been delivered successively, obtaining high recognition from the market.
       The successful capping of a 40 meter large high frequency band high-performance radar radome marks Tianyi Technology's breakthrough in the large radar radome market and a significant step forward. In the future, Tianyi Technology will continue to increase its research and research efforts, advance towards ultra large radar radomes, form a metal skeleton radar radome product series and industrialization development capability, and promote the application of large radar radomes.
       Liu Ling, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Shaanxi Investment Emerging Industry Development Co., Ltd., Han Hongbo, General Manager of Shaanxi Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd., and relevant leaders of Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industry Base Investment Cooperation and Commerce Bureau, Xi'an Huanyu Satellite Measurement and Control and Data Application Co., Ltd., Xi'an Huanghe Ruichi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Xi'an Jiekangdrei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., and the middle and senior level of Tianyi Technology Radome R&D and production representatives attended the ceremony.