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Company news
Shaanxi Investment Xinxing Lingsu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established

Company news 2023-09-04 16:22:58 268
On the afternoon of July 28, 2023, the establishment meeting of Lingsu Medical Technology (Shaanxi) Co., Ltd., as well as the first shareholders' meeting and board of directors meeting in 2023, were officially held, marking the official establishment of Shaanxi Investment's emerging medical laser technology subsidiary in the downstream of the laser semiconductor industry.

The establishment of Lingsu Technology is another new journey for Shaanxi Investment Emerging to focus on the development of the laser semiconductor sector, "strengthen the chain and supplement the chain", and strengthen the laser industry. The term "Lingsu" is derived from the two volumes of "Lingshu" and "Suwen" in China's first medical work "Emperor's Internal Classic". It aims to use technological power to combine and inherit culture, and create a first-class domestic high-end laser medical device enterprise in the field of medical and health.

After nearly a year of preliminary research and preparation, Lingsu Technology has officially established the company and established a medical laser team, marking the official entry of Shaanxi Investment Emerging into the medical and health field. It will provide laser medical technology system level solutions and core laser components to medical laser terminal customers. By leveraging its advantages in collaborative research, development, and manufacturing of laser chips and laser industry chains, we aim to achieve domestic substitution and the rise of domestic lasers in the three major technological applications of medical laser aesthetics, dentistry, and surgery. At the same time, we empower the group company to build a billion level biopharmaceutical cluster with high-quality development capabilities.